If It’s Good, If It’s Good, founded in 2020, is a research platform that uses feminist, collaborative and inclusive methods.


The events organized by If It’s Good are an opportunity to create spaces for knowledge exchange, like ephemeral and nomadic research laboratories, cultivated by feminist and critical theory. In addition to a focus on the representation of political gender minorities, it aims to defend an engaged epistemology.


Kate Cooper 'Infection Drivers'

À la limite des émotions : les lieux d’art face aux vécus anodins

À la limite des émotions : les lieux d’art face aux vécus anodins, round-table discussions and performances programme, Friday 25th of November 2022, MacVal, Vitry-Sur Seine.

With art historians Camille Paulhan and Johanna Renard, curators Franck Balland and Adélaïde Blanc, artists Carla Adra, Ndayé Kouagou and scomparo, preceded by three workshops with the MacVal team and professionals of the public programme.

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Kate Cooper 'Infection Drivers'

Affectivité augmentée

Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Seroquel®, HD video and CGI animation on flatscreen, duration: 8 min., 2014 All images courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London / Piraeus.

Affectivité Augmentée, screening programme and round-table discussions, Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard, Saturday, June 19, 2021.

With works of Mélissa Airaudi, Salomé Chatriot et Samuel Fasse, Ed Fornieles, Sidsel Meinech Hansen, Sara Sadik, and participation of art critic Ingrid Luquet Gad.

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Development of research tools to promote greater inclusivity in artistic programming and educational content: training workshops, design of digital tools or advisory activity.

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Théodora Domenech

Théodora Domenech has a doctorate in philosophy, specialising in phenomenology, and teaches at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Grenoble-Valence. Her research focuses on the construction of aesthetic judgement and on the influence of the digital environment on emotional life. She also carries out various curatorial activities including the organisation of a monthly exhibition of female* artists which she has done for the last three years.


Angela Blanc

Angela Blanc is a curator. Her current research examines the transformative potential of feminist theories applied to curatorial practices, while highlighting the tensions encountered within the institution. She has worked as Assistant Curator at Mimosa House, London, and at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Since 2021, she is Visual arts Officer at the Institut français du Royaume-Uni in London. She holds an MA in curating from the Royal College of Art, London, and an MA in Research in Art History from Paris-Sorbonne.


Angela Blanc

Géraldine Miquelot is a researcher and independent curator. After a thesis on mediation practices in contemporary art institutions, she continues her research on the practice and conditions of collaboration, visible in particular in her blog: https://geraldinemiquelot.fr/. Since 2022, she has been running Art Boulot, a training and consulting company dedicated to helping art professionals manage their administrative and organisational tasks.


Angela Blanc

Rebecca Walling is a project coordinator. Originally from England, she studied French and Liberal Arts, French politics, Art History, as well as feminist critical theory and gender representation in art and literature. In 2018, she worked in collaboration with art studios in Hong Kong, helping to implement and promote workshops and exhibitions. She has also worked for various charities, such as The Women's Foundation, which seeks to build the skills and confidence of girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Chalisée Naamani, artist
Catherine Stephan, économist